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Why my website is Ad-Free

When envisioning this website, I dreamed of a space that would be both inspiring and tranquil. A relaxing and uplifting experience as a free gift to readers out of my love and devotion to all things graceful and lovely. 

cup of coffee with me on my ad free website

But in order to achieve this dream, I knew right away that placing flashy and distracting ads on this website would diminish its purpose. Not only would they interrupt the peaceful experience for visitors, but I would have little control over the types of ads placed on this site. These ads are often promoting items that I do not use myself, or would ever recommend to my readers. Sure, I could gather commissions on ad-clicks and sales from merchandise listed on these ads, which would be helpful in maintaining this website, but the end result would be contradictory to my vision. However, as traffic continues to rise, so does the cost of maintaining this website, hosting etc... and the vision of offering visitors my free gift is becoming more of a financial burden. 


How you can help keep this site Ad-Free

If you have enjoyed the recipes, images, stories, projects and inspiration provided on this website and would like to show your appreciation, here is how you can help to keep this website ad-free:

The links (photos of items) provided on my blog or other areas of the website are connected to Amazon and other approved affiliates whom I trust. Simply click the provided links if you are interested in purchasing that item. Your purchase through these links earns me a small commission and it does not cost you a penny more!  All commissions earned from your purchases go towards all aspects of maintaining this website. 

The Brocante shop is where you will find the opportunity to purchase my hand-made items as well as vintage treasures from around the world.  

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                                                My humblest thanks for your support!

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