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Butternut Squash with Apple Bisque

Deliciously sweet with a hint of spice makes this soup a winner! Especially nice during the cooler autumn or winter months, it warms the chill and soothes the soul. Served with a side salad, this soup makes a wonderfully cozy dinner. The perfect comfort food.

Total 1 hr. | prep: 20 min. | Cook: 40 Min. | serves 2 (can be double or tripled)


1 Tbsp. Coconut Oil

2 lbs Butternut Squash (about 3 1/2 cups - peel removed, seeded and sliced into 2 inch cubes)

1 cup yellow onion (diced)

1 cup sweet apple (about 2 small apples peeled, cored, cut into chunks)

1 tsp. sea salt

1/2 Tbsp. Curry Powder

Dash of Pepper

1/2 Cup Water

1/2 Cup Apple Cider (or Apple Juice)

2 Tbsp. Unsweetened Coconut Milk


On low heat warm the coconut oil, onions, and curry powder in a medium stockpot (uncovered) for about 15-20 minutes, until the onions are tender. Stir occasionally scraping the bottom of the pot.

Add the squash, apples, salt and pepper, and 1/2 cup water. Bring to a boil, then cover and simmer over low heat for about 30-40 minutes. Until the squash and apples and very soft.

Remove from heat and carefully add the soup to the bowl of a food processor, fitted with a steel S blade. Coarsely pulse process into a thick puree. 

Pour the soup puree back into the stock pot, stir in the apple cider (or juice) and gently warm.


Ladle into serving bowls and garnish each bowl with 1 Tbsp. coconut milk (drizzled into the center). 


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