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Chandelier Autumn Wreath

This no cost project is a GIFT from nature. Bring the outdoors indoors this Thanksgiving by easily creating a chandelier wreath filled with colors and tidbits of the season.

Instructions for creating a chandelier wreath:

Autumn Foraging

Begin in your own backyard. Gather up a basket, clippers, and gloves then head outside to explore natures seasonal tidbits. Look for interesting greenery sprigs, vines, berries, autumn leaves; anything that sparks your interest.

In my foraging excursion I found a long vine which I will use as a base. Juniper and Azalea sprigs, twigs with tiny berries acquired from a burning bush, wild bittersweet, and an assortment of fallen oak leaves.

Assembling the wreath:

Materials needed


florist wire

gathered greenery and tidbits

Using the long vine begin bending and twisting until it becomes a round wreath-like shape. It does not need to be perfect, just round enough to form a sort of base. If needed secure with florist wire.

tip: If your vine seems too stiff to manipulate, try soaking it in water for a couple minutes, then try again.

  • Add to the vine using your larger sprigs of greenery. Here, I began by using the Juniper sprigs.

  • Use florist wire to tie each sprig to the vine. Overlap sprigs as you make your way around. Keep the sprigs loose enough so they fall gracefully in a natural looking drape. No need to be precise, just let them fall and blend in their own way.

  • Continue on by adding in all of your other tidbits, making your way around the wreath. Use your florist wire to hold everything secured into place. For this wreath, I am keeping it fairly simple and delicate.

tip: For a more dramatic look, simply add more layers and allow for generous cascading.

  • When finished adding your desired tidbits, attach the wreath to the bottom of your chandelier by using florist wire to hold it in place.

  • Stand back and admire your effort well done!

This wreath is going to add such a festive touch to my Thanksgiving table this year!

And the best part of all, this project incurred zero dollars to create.

Nature's free gift for all!

I'll be posting my fully set Thanksgiving table tomorrow, so be sure to check in, or subscribe to be alerted when new posts and goodies are added.

Have a blessed day,


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