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January To-Do List Week 1

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Week by week tips & ideas to help organize your year.

Each week will contain an idea from each category:

Organize | Plan | Clean | Cook (Food) | Care | Beauty | Enjoy

January Week 1

  1. Organize: Neatly put away holiday Decorations.

  2. Plan: Begin planning a new year of healthier eating.

  3. Clean: Clean out the refrigerator.

  4. Cook/Food: Stock up on citrus fruits (or harvest).

  5. Care: Write Holiday thank you notes.

  6. Beauty: Treat tired (holiday) feet to a foot scrub, massage, and pedicure.

  7. Enjoy: Snuggle in for a movie night.

Day 1

Neatly Put Away Holiday Decorations

Ready to use for next time

For years I procrastinated on the idea of Christmas storage containers. deciding instead to re-use amazon shipping boxes and shopping bags to store my little decorating treasures. After many years of boxing and unboxing, taping shut and cutting open I finally realized the need for a solution to this tedious task. So a few years ago I finally made the spending decision to purchase several holiday bins and wreath holders. Not a single moment have I regretted purchasing these specialized holiday storage containers, They have been worth every penny. The ease of opening, closing, and protecting my treasured heirlooms has been thoroughly appreciated. Not too mention, the bright holiday colors make them easy to organize (and recognize) in my attic.

A few of easy tips for decorations storage:

  1. Wrap strings of lights around cardboard to avoid having to untangle next year.

  2. Wrap glass or breakable ornaments in acid free tissue paper.

  3. Clear plastic storage bags are great for other ornaments.

  4. Keep stored decorations away from extreme heat or cold.

Day 2

Begin planning for a new year of healthier eating

You Can do this!

Now is the time to incorporate new health resolutions. Begin by making a commitment to yourself that you will make a daily conscious effort towards a healthier diet. Every small change makes a difference, so no matter where you are in your health goals, this can be a year to experience the healthiest you've ever been.

Here are a few easy changes anyone can make:

  1. Incorporate more leafy greens into your diet.

  2. Eat more nutrient dense food, like broccoli and asparagus.

  3. Instead of snacking on potato chips and dip, try healthier hummus with veggie strips.

  4. Pray before each meal or snack. Take a moment to reflect on the food placed before you and remind yourself of gratitude. Nothing (and I mean nothing) makes a meal taste sweeter.

Day 3

Clean Out the Refrigerator

You will thank yourself

After finishing all of the tasty holiday leftovers, it's time to prepare for your new healthier eating resolution. Beginning your efforts with a sparkling clean refrigerator is always a perfect way to inspire yourself in the weeks to come. Wipe down surfaces using a safe, non-toxic cleaning spray. Use a purchase spray, or make your own. Download my eBook for a fantastic DIY natural spray cleaner recipe!

Day 4

Stock up on Citrus fruits (or harvest them)

Savor the sweet goodness of peak season

Not only are citrus fruits at their sweetest Peak (just like candy!), they are a wonderful addition to your new healthier eating plan as citrus fruits are packed with vitamin C and other nutrients. They also provide additional hydration which is necessary for those (like myself) who live in colder climates where indoor heating can be very dehydrating..

Day 5

Write Holiday Thank You Notes

Brighten your gift givers day

Show your appreciation for thoughtfulness and friendship by creating a warm, hand-written thank you note which is mailed by the old fashioned postal service. In this day of endless and impersonal email, delight someone by taking the time to hand write a note of gratitude. I promise you, it will be the highlight of their day.

Day 6

Treat tired (holiday) feet

Time for a little self pampering

Don't forget to treat your hard working holiday feet to a home (or spa) pampering treatment. Here are a few of my favorite feet treats.

  1. A hot foot soak with Epsom salts: fill a foot tub with hot water and add about 1/2 cup of Epsom salts and 3 drops of Lavender essential oil. Soak feet for 20 minutes.

  2. Scrub feet with pink Himalayan salt to remove callouses and to help detoxify.

  3. Follow up with a deep moisturizing cream containing shea butter and/coconut or olive oil. and massage feet for 15 minutes.

For DIY recipes download my eBook for feet and body. (coming soon).

Day 7

Snuggle in for a movie night.

A well deserved relaxing treat

After a busy week of things-to-do, be sure to reserve one night per week to do something fun and relaxing. During the cold winter months here in the North East, we love to snuggle up by the fire and watch a classic movie together. Accompanying the movie is a a yummy snack and hot cup of herbal tea. Pure Heaven!

Have a blessed week my friends, see you in week 2


Below are my favorite shopping items for January week 1 (personally use them all!)

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