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New Beginnings Week 4

Welcome to week 4 of New Beginnings January 2023!

28 days of ideas and inspiration to help set goals for the new year.

Together we will begin this new year with an inspired, organized, and grateful spirit.

From little tasks to big undertakings, let's help each other make 2023 a beautifully productive year. By committing to 7 easy to accomplish tasks each week in January (including self care), you will feel revitalized along with the joy of accomplishment.

Each week I will post ideas from the following categories:

Organize | Plan | Clean | Cook (Food) | Care | Beauty | Enjoy

Welcome to the final week!

The days have gone by so fast, and now we are finally winding down to the end. Keep the momentum going - you've got this!

On to day 22...

Day 22

Declutter your coat closet

Organize with new hangers and baskets

Ok, I know this task can be daunting, but I promise that you will fall in love with your coat closet when finished. Remember, even the smallest effort is rewarding, so do what you can and enjoy the lasting benefit.

Ideas for organizing your coat closet:

  1. Take everything out and sort similar and seasonal things together.

  2. Donate items you are not wearing or using. A general rule is if you have not worn or used an item in a year, it is time to donate (sell/consignment if you prefer).

  3. Invest in a few hooks, hangers, and containers. (worth every penny!)

  4. Use techniques to save space and update storage.

I purchased white wood hangers and they look beautiful! Everything is neat and tidy with the baskets adding storage for hats, gloves and scarves.

Day 23

Start planning for vacations

Make reservations - plan wisely

Where would you like to visit this year? Will you plan a short jaunt and a simple overnighter? Or will you plan something around the globe to explore a far off land? Regardless of the destination, now is the time to start planning for your next adventure.

Ideas to help with planning

  • Create a notebook, either virtual board or create a board old fashioned way using a cork board, paper snippets, drawings, thumb tacks, etc... (my personal favorite)

  • Write down your ideas and wish list (search the internet).

  • Make reservations for dinner (yes, try to do this well before your trip!).

  • Plan for your wardrobe (will it be warm or cold - dressy or casual?).

  • Buy event tickets in your destination.

  • Asses your luggage (is it functional or worn and torn?) - Do you have the correct size carry on (for air travel)? Do you have organizing packing cubes?

Make this year a wonderful year of exploration and relaxation. A little thought and preparation goes a long way.

Day 24

Launder hand-washables

Delicates, woolens, and cashmere

Time to consider laundering your washable fine woolens, cashmere, silks, and other delicates. If you are like me, this task seems to end up as a pile of clothing items which grows larger and larger till overflowing; becoming so overwhelming it is avoided completely. But this year, I am making a conscious change my habits, By creating a daily list (such as the 28 day challenge) it is much easier to keep up with tasks like special care laundry. Plus, having all of the necessary cleaning items on hand creates ease in getting the job completed in a timely manner. This has been working for me, and I hope you find it helps you too.

Hand washing tips:

  • Use a laundry soap specifically made for hand-washing delicate items.

  • Lay sweaters flat to dry, shaping as needed to avoid stretching. Place on a flat drying rack or on a towel.

  • Use a hand wash basin, instead of the bathroom sink.

  • After the clothing has dried, place in your regular clothes dryer with a dryer sheet (if desired) and fluff on a lightly warm setting for a few minutes. This fluffs fibers and removes and stiffness remaining after air drying.

  • Hang or fold immediately after fluffing inn the dryer.

  • Store wool clothing in a cedar chest or hang cedar and lavender pouches to keep moths away.

Day 25

Try a new recipe

Warm and cozy potato leek bisque

We enjoy this warming bisque (soup) recipe all winter long. Because I am sensitive to dairy, I came up with a version of potato leek bisque which uses only vegetable broth (reflect back to week 2 day 11), potatoes, leeks, spices, and coconut milk to create a deliciously creamy (dairy free) bisque. I never miss the dairy so we enjoy this again and again.

View and print the recipe Here

If you try this recipe, please comment and rate!

Day 26

Donate winter items to local shelters

a gesture of kindness

The winter months can be particularly difficult for many and warmth is a necessity we often take for granted. Give the gift of warmth this winter to someone in need by donating winter coats, warm clothing, and blankets to local shelters. This small gesture of kindness can help someone get through a difficult situation.

Are you in need of emergency shelter?

Search for open shelters near you by texting SHELTER and your ZIP code to 43362.

Day 27

Face and Hand Scrub

Polish away dry flaky skin

Make a face and hand scrub scrub to smooth dry flaky skin. My favorite scrub is easy to put together and uses simple ingredients.

In a small bowl combine:

3 heaping Tbsp white rice flour

1 Tbsp Argan Oil

1 Tbsp Olive Oil

Mix together to form a paste, then apply to face or body and gently scrub in a circular motion. Rinse and pat dry. This leaves skin smooth with a rosy glow.

Day 28

10 minute stretch and meditation break

De-stress your body and soothe your soul

No matter what your job or lifestyle, incorporating a few minutes of de-stress break each day will help keep your body relaxed and your mind sharp. My 10 minute routine helps to ease anxiety and tension while instantly refreshing the body and soul.

Begin by Placing a drop or two of Lavender essential oil onto a tissue. While sitting, close your eyes hold the tissue lightly to your face. Slowly inhale and exhale the calming aroma for one minute. Set the tissue aside.

Slowly stand up stretching both arms to the ceiling while inhaling deep into your lungs. Hold for a moment - Then slowly exhale while bending at the waist stretching towards the floor. Let your arms hang towards the floor, but do not strain and stretch as far as what is comfortable, Hold this position for a few seconds. Then slowly straighten to standing position. Repeat this simple movement several times while meditating on the affirmation below:

Every breath I inhale calms and nurtures me…

Every breath I exhale frees my spirit.

Within minutes you will feel refreshed, de-stressed, calmed, and renewed; ready to continue the day!

This recipe is included in my ebook, 10 essential uses for Lavender essential oil. You can download the full ebook here.

Congratulations, you have completed the challenge!

This concludes my 28 day home organization challenge. I hope you found something useful to keep and use in the future. I enjoyed having you all join me in the journey and welcome you to keep following along the "at home with grace" blog. I have so much to share including home remodel projects, decor inspiration, recipes, handmade crafts and so much more... little bits of my heart woven into all.

Thank you for being here with me...

with warmth and grace,


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