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Organized Linen Closet

#1 in my Spring Cleaning Series - 10 ideas for inspiration, From organizing your home to creating your own safe yet effective cleaning products, and more...

Today's Inspiration is for creating a beautiful yet organized and functional linen closet.

With so many items tucked away in a linen closet, it can easily become unorganized chaos! The old saying "everything has its place" goes a long way here as each item in this small space has been carefully thought-out and placed accordingly.

Sheets are neatly folded and arranged by size. Necessities like towels and toilet paper are assigned a specific location. An array of baskets and boxes help keep items separate and tidy. Larger baskets on the floor store seasonal bedding.

How Did I Do It?

Step by step

1. Pull everything out.

2. Sort by gathering like items together, bed sheet size, blankets, throws, pillows, bath necessities, etc...

3. Get rid of anything you have not used in over a year, or an item which does not bring you joy (Marie Kondo). I donate or tag sale sheets, duvets, accessories, and pillows that are in good condition. Those with some wear, turn into rags, drop cloths, quilting squares, costumes, etc....

4. Plan your space. Begin with a drawing which plans a space for everything going back in. Everyday items like towels and toilet paper should be placed on a shelf within a easy reach, while seasonal items can be stores inside baskets at the bottom or on the floor (see photos), or on the top shelf.

5. Measure, measure, measure! My best advice before you head out to shop for organization baskets and bins. Measure the length and width inside of your linen closet. Then write down the number of shelves. Be sure to take a measuring tape with you as you head out to the store.

6. Select an array of textures, patterns, and shapes, in the same color or a neutral color like beige, white, or black. Here I choose gray as my basic color, then accented with neutral beige baskets. I choose two large baskets to be placed on the floor. Then several smaller baskets in and around the shelving. These cute baskets pictured were purchased from T.J. Maxx.

7. Neatly fold everything in a shape that fits your shelves and overall placement plan.

8. Begin putting everything back, one section at a time, until everything is back inside, neat and tidy.

9. Stand back and smile admiring a job well done!

Well worth the effort

In the past, this closet was a disaster (I wish I had a before photo!) It was stuffed to the brim with linens, bedding, and more. Many items I'd forgotten about or were not used in years. I admittedly put this project on the back burner for quite some time due to the enormity of the task. But there comes a day when chaos must be met head on. In determination to complete this task, I approached it in stages; breaking it down into bite sized portions. Each portion easily met one at a time. With this technique it was bearable during the process and the end result delights my heart every time I open the door!

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Do you have a reorganized closet to share? Send me your photos and I'll add them to the gallery below.


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