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Our Kitchen Remodel Part 1

Yes, we decided to remodel our kitchen after 20 years in our home. Although we loved it when we moved in, several years of sunshine through the windows, New England winters, and plenty of home-made goodies, had very much taken its toll. It was time.... time to freshen & brighten things up.

Over the next few weeks I will be posting our remodel journey and hopefully it will help you in your own kitchen project or design ideas.

In the beginning... it was very "orange"

(before photos)

Our kitchen is literally in the "heart" of our center hall Colonial home. It is the first room you see as you gaze down the center hall when entering from the front door. And the first room you walk into when entering from the back sliding door. It is the space in our home that continually receives the most foot traffic; and over the years has been a welcoming gathering hub for family and friends.

The cabinets we had were builder grade custom that were already in place when we purchased our home. If I could have chosen myself, I probably would have selected something a bit different, but I was happy to have a new home and kitchen. In the end, these cabinets served us well for many years of family use and I was content with them during that time. As I look back at the before photos (above), everything looks so orange. Cabinets, chairs, floors - all had oxidized quite a bit over the years. The cabinets and floor that were once a nice warm brown, slowly morphed into an orange haze. I was very ready for a change.

I thought about simply painting the existing cabinets to extend their life (and to save us dollars), But sadly some of the doors had warped a bit over the years and their over-all functionality was lacking as well. So my husband and I sat down together and made a decision to remodel. We wrote down everything we desired for a better functioning and aesthetically lovely kitchen, then settled upon a reasonable budget to do so. We thought we were all set. That was easy. Then the journey began.

Part 2 coming soon....


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