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White Pumpkin Centerpiece

Try this beautiful, yet easy to make floral & white pumpkin centerpiece for your Thanksgiving (Autumn) table. Not a typical fall color scheme, however the soft hues bring gentle peace and warmth to the tablescape. I Hope you love this look as much as I do!

Materials needed: (see bottom of this post for materials shopping links)

  • one Medium size white Pumpkin

  • Block of oasis (soaked)

  • Pan filled with water (and packet of flower food from the florist)

  • Selection of floral and greenery

  • Scissors or small pruning shears

Start by selecting a nice round, medium-size white pumpkin.

Cut oasis floral foam to fit your pumpkin size. In this case, 1/3 of a block should be perfect.

Add the trimmed oasis block to the prepared pan of water and let soak a few minutes.

Turn your block, and let it soak for a few more minutes until the whole block is well saturated.

Use a pencil to draw a few guide lines on your pumpkin. This helps keep you on track during cutting. The goal is to cut the pumpkin about 1/4 of the way down, in a nice even shape.

Using a shape knife, carefully begin cutting all the way around, using your lines as a guide. No need to rush. Take your time.

Remove the top and scoop out the seeds from the inside. A spoon works well.

Place the soaked block of oasis into the pumpkin.

Then begin adding your greenery all around the perimeter of the opening This creates a nice base for your arrangement.

After the base is complete, add in the larger flowers. In this arrangement I am using hydrangeas. Be sure they are cut slightly taller than the base greenery.

Keep working in the flowers from largest to smallest. This arrangement has delicate cream colored roses to accent the large hydrangeas.

tip: For a fuller shaped rose, gently pull open and fluff the petals before placing in your arrangement.

The finished arrangement.

So simple yet soooo lovely. Pure eye candy!

I hope you found this tutorial inspiring for your own Thanksgiving table (or ANY autumn table). Please write your thoughts in the comments section, and send me your own photos using this tutorial. See my fully-set Thanksgiving table, where I put all the tutorial elements together.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

with warmth and grace,

Materials shopping links:

The below links are affiliate from where I am issued a small commission which helps to support the creation of this website Thank you for your support in advance!

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