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Autumn Mantlescape

Welcome the season by creating a beautiful mantlescape.

I love to celebrate the seasons by adding few decorating touches in and around my home. Small vignettes sprinkled about; enough to embrace the moment in time, but not so much that it feels overwhelming or overdone. Simple items that spark joy with lots of hints from nature. Today I welcome Autumn. The fireplace mantle is the spot my seasonal decorating begins as the inspiration implemented here inspires decor as I move to other areas of the house. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, my home will soon be bustling with friends and family. And this year, I'm ready to give them a warm welcome!

How to plan a mantlescape

1. Find Inspiration

Begin by finding your inspiration. Turn to nature and observe the elements of the season. Then determine what type of color scheme you'd like to incorporate. This year I have decided to work with colors already in and around my home. A delicate combination of whites and ivory, paired with soft shades of blue and green.

2. Select a Style

After you decide what the general color scheme will be, now is the time to pinpoint style.

Do you want your look to be country, modern, antique, farmhouse, rustic, clean-lined?

Try to select a general style before proceeding further.

3. Select Items

Begin by looking around your home for a rediscovery of items you may already have on hand. Many times I use the same items season to season, but reinvent them and incorporate them in a new way. It always looks fresh and new. Then head to the store for any items needed to fill the space. TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Dollar Store, JoAnn Fabrics, and Micheals are great sources to decorate inexpensively.

Here is helpful check-list to consider while selecting items for your mantlescape:


Color scheme

interesting shapes



variety of sizes and heights

4. Sketch it Out

Before beginning the arrangement, lay out all the items you are considering for your mantlescape. Then create a rough sketch with your plan in mind.

For this tutorial, the focal point is located in the center with two larger symmetrical items placed on either side. To create this look, begin in the center. Then place two equally sized larger items on the outer sides. Continue filling in the spaces between until you come up with a pleasing arrangement. Use a few greenery sprigs and berries to fill in and soften spaces between smaller items. Keep it simple, with images and words at a minimum.

5. Finish with artwork

Complete your mantlescape with an artwork or photo selection hung above your arrangement. By doing this, it creates a visual triangle which make a pleasing eye flow throughout.

6. Be proud of your accomplishment

Stand back and take a moment to soak in your beautiful job well done!

Enjoy the blessings of this season,

Source List

T.J.Maxx, Home Goods


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